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Natural Valley Foods

Cranberries, Dried with Honey

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Origin: Oregon. Savor the craftsmanship of our Organic Cranberries, lovingly crafted with a touch of Organic Wildflower Honey by our dedicated co-workers here at Hummingbird Wholesale.

In our quest to create raw granolas featuring local ingredients, we embarked on a journey to find the perfect organic cranberries. We discovered locally sourced berries and decided to make our own Dried Cranberries, infusing them with local raw Blackberry Honey (now Organic Honey for Certified Organic status). These cranberries, adding a burst of color and tart sweetness, are perfect for trail mixes, granola, or salads—ideal for those who wish to incorporate them into their culinary creations.

The carefully gathered berry variety, harvested at peak ripeness, boasts a sweeter profile compared to other cranberries and is generously sized. After harvesting, we freeze these gem-like Organic cranberries and then delicately dehydrate them in our Certified Organic kitchen at low temperatures (below 115°F). With a touch of Hawaiian Wildflower Honey, this process creates a delightful treat—beautiful, delicious, nutritious, local, and raw. Experience the artisanal touch in every bite of our Organic Cranberries with a hint of Wildflower Honey.