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Natural Valley Foods

Cardamom 8MM

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Origin: Kerala.  Bow down to the queen of spices—our specially graded cardamom, meticulously sorted in an 8mm filter, reigns supreme in the larger category of cardamom varieties. Each pod is handpicked post-filter grading, ensuring a premium selection.

Cardamom, a culinary gem, captivates with its robust and unique taste, coupled with an intensely aromatic fragrance. While ranking as one of the pricier spices by weight, its regal presence means only a small quantity is needed to unleash its full flavor.

Both the seeds and pods contribute to a pleasant aroma and flavor, serving as a natural flavoring agent that stands in stark contrast to artificial ingredients commonly found in packaged foods. Its royal touch enhances a plethora of dishes, including chicken biryani, paneer masala, and suqaar, adding a royal touch. Moreover, it lends its aromatic charm to teas and bread.

Beyond its culinary grandeur, the small green pod with black seeds offers a treasure trove of health benefits. From gastrointestinal protection to cholesterol control, cardiovascular well-being, and improved blood circulation, cardamom plays a royal role. Rich in cineole, a potent antiseptic, it battles bacteria and leaves breath feeling regally fresh. Embrace the majestic allure of cardamom—where flavor meets well-being in the grandest of culinary journeys.

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