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Natural Valley Foods

Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

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Origin: Oregon. Delight in this delectable treat that transcends the realm of candy, featuring only three wholesome ingredients: Organic Oregon Hazelnuts, Fair Trade Organic Dark Chocolate, and Organic sustainably-harvested Palm Fruit Oil.

As a natural product free from emulsifiers, you may notice palm oil separation, resulting in charming whitish streaks or "snowflakes." Rest assured, this natural occurrence in no way compromises the impeccable taste or nutritional value. A quick stir and it's ready to enjoy.

Versatile and indulgent, spread it on toast, dip your favorite fruits, use it as icing, dollop it on ice cream or blend it into smoothies, or simply savor it by the spoonful. Embrace the pure goodness of this treat that goes beyond candy, celebrating the richness of its organic and sustainably-sourced ingredients.