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Natural Valley Foods

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Unrefined, Organic

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Origin: Philippines.  Experience the purity of our Extra Virgin, Unrefined, and Organic Coconut Oil—an esteemed choice for healthy cooking. With a mild flavor characterized by a fresh coconut taste and a robust coconut aroma, this culinary gem is crafted to elevate your dishes.

Sourced organically, our coconut oil maintains its natural integrity. The color, ranging from white to a very light yellow, reflects its unprocessed nature. Beyond its culinary applications, this coconut oil is celebrated for its potential health benefits.

Whether you're sautéing, baking, or adding a delightful coconut essence to your dishes, our Extra Virgin, Unrefined, and Organic Coconut Oil is a versatile and wholesome addition to your kitchen. Immerse yourself in the goodness of pure coconut flavor and aroma, and enhance your cooking experience with this premium culinary oil.