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Natural Valley Foods

Granola, Honey, Cashew and Vanilla

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Origin: California. Savor the taste of California craftsmanship with our delicious breakfast or snack, handcrafted in Marin County.

Indulge in artisan-style granolas and cereals, meticulously crafted with nutritious, wholesome, and uncompromised ingredients. These premium cereals boast a rich blend of nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and unrefined sweeteners—resulting in a high-protein, high-fiber, mineral-rich, and essential-fat-packed delight.

Free from added oils, preservatives, refined sweeteners, or anything artificial, these cereals represent a commitment to pure and natural goodness. Elevate your breakfast or snack experience with the quality and flavor inherent in these thoughtfully crafted creations from Marin County, California.