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Natural Valley Foods

Maple Syrup, Amber & Rich, Maple Valley

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Origin: Seattle.  Savor the excellence of our Organic Grade A Amber & Rich Taste Maple Syrup sourced from Maple Valley, one of the largest cooperatives of organic maple syrup in the United States. Committed to the highest quality, this maple syrup is produced using sustainable methods that benefit both farmers and trees.

Harvested early in the season from woodland sap, Grade A Amber & Rich maple syrup undergoes a process using reverse osmosis systems to remove excess water before boiling in an evaporator. This innovative approach enhances efficiency and reduces the energy needed for evaporation.

Featuring an amber color and a smooth, rich maple taste, Grade A Amber & Rich maple syrup is table-ready and versatile, serving as a delightful sweetener or flavoring agent. Enjoy the pure and natural goodness of this top-quality organic maple syrup.

Please note that the actual product color may vary slightly due to lighting.