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Natural Valley Foods

White Chocolate Chunks

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Origin: Brazil
Made by a second generation family-owned company, this is an extraordinary creamy and tasty Organic White Chocolate with a pleasant mouth feel. Very satisfying!

These premium handy sized chunks are ideal for molding, ganache, ice cream, added to cookie recipes or trail mix, or enjoyed by the handful. A delicious fragrance of Madagascar vanilla enhances the experience of this White Chocolate.

In the early 1980s the family began developing an Equal Partner Direct Buying Program to “secure a reliable supply of high quality fermented beans by respecting the rights of farmers to a fair price and an independent livelihood.” The cocoa butter used in this product is processed from fermented beans acquired primarily through the program.

Whenever possible, EcoSocial™ certified sugar is used in these products. EcoSocial™ is a fair trade program created by IBD, a Brazilian certifier.